Argentinian DJ & Ibiza legend Alfredo Fiorito aka DJ Alfredo
Argentinian DJ & Ibiza legend Alfredo Fiorito aka DJ Alfredo. 2015 - Credits : DJ Alfredo

Ibiza legend & “father of the Balearic beat” DJ Alfredo calls for help

Alexandre Trochut

Affected by health problems after a recent stroke but also plagued by financial problems, 68-year-old DJ Alfredo launched a plea for help on social medias.

Dance music legend renowned for his epic sets at Amnesia Ibiza, Alfredo Fiorito aka DJ Alfredo has started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe in order to collect funds to pay his rent & support his family after the delicate economic situation he is going through.


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Ibiza legend Dj Alfredo

During the 1980’s Alfredo was the artistic mastermind behind the much loved Amnesia club and helped to formulate the path forwards for the white isle.

His DJ sets influenced artists like Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, DJ Harvey or Nicky Holloway to help create the modern UK club scene. Watch this 2010 video where Danny Rampling explained why he think that Alfredo is the Greatest DJ Of All Time.


To this day he remains focused on delivering music in a way which only he knows how, This dance music with a sun kissed twist, acid with a balearic sensibility.