The legendary Space Ibiza main room
The legendary Space Ibiza main room. 2015 - Credits : Tilllate es

Space Ibiza return hinted for 2022

Alexandre Trochut

Displayed on the giant screen of the Hard Rock Café, Space Ibiza’ logo including the message “Coming Soon” has unleashed all kinds of speculations on the island.

3 options for Space Ibiza reopening

Space Ibiza brand is owned by the Matutes family and several well-informed newspapers on the island confirmed the decision to reborn the Space brand next season. Then coincidence or consequence, this announcement arrived few hours after former Space Ibiza boss Pepe Roselló announced that he will open a musical restaurant with the aim of “resuscitating the spirit of Space” in ses Variades, the sunset area of Sant Antonio.

Hard Rock Hotel billboard teasing Space Ibiza returns for 2022, Ibiza - ES. 2021 - Credits : Periodico de Ibiza
Hard Rock Hotel billboard teasing Space Ibiza returns for 2022, Ibiza – ES. 2021 – Credits : Periodico de Ibiza

Sundays at Space at Es Paradis

There is few reason for the Es Paradis club to become the new Space Ibiza, already because the size of the club appears relatively small for a club of this importance, and especially because the development works probably prevent its opening for 2022. He also claimed that he will organize a party under the legendary party name of Sundays at Space in a nightclub in Sant Antonio with which he negotiates his rental. Newspaper revealed that the club was Es Paradis and will include Space’s fetish dj Carl Cox, who has a legion of fans among the clubber collective.

(New) Space Ibiza to replace Privilege Ibiza

Indeed, the largest club in the world is above all the least exploited on the island and the least profitable. During its last season, few international artists performed there and the parties were not at all popular in the face of the immense competition represented by Amnesia, , Ushuaia or even Pacha. This solution therefore appears to be the most obvious and the most logical, however it is far from being the simplest because the club is not entirely owned by Matutes and there are several legal disputes around the exploitation of it. This solution would therefore be synonymous with a total takeover of the club and would therefore make the new Space Ibiza the largest club in the world. Very attractive idea on paper especially since it would avoid touching the clubs of Playa d’en Bossa.

Space Ibiza to be back … where it was

Finally, the most unimaginable solution at present, given the success of Hï Ibiza, the image and the lack of coherence it would have, would be to put the Space back where it was initially, that is to say instead of Hï Ibiza, in Playa d’en Bossa. But it’s possible to imagine that from an investor’s point of view, the Hï Ibiza brand has not printed enough in recent years & that if the club were renamed under the legendary Space Ibiza brand – knowned all over the world – it will gives more pledge to the success of this one.

Game of courts

Anyway, it is certain that new information will emerge in the coming weeks, the deadlines approaching and the agitation generated by this announcement is setting journalists in turmoil. Especially since several legal battles are already on the horizon, From the Matutes family for the liquidations of the last years of exploitation of the nightclub, into a lawsuit for fraud of 2 million euros against its former partner while Roselló also took Matutes to court for an attack on honor, it is certain that we are only at the beginning of a new chapter.