American producer Pierce Fulton passed away
American producer Pierce Fulton. 2020 - Credits : Skyler Greene

Pierce Fulton died at 28

Alexandre Trochut

The news has been releaved through Pierce Fulton social media profiles by his brother Griffin who revealed that the artist passed on Thursday, April 29th.

In the message posted, we learned that Pierce had succumbed to a long and tragic struggle with his mental health and lets his parents, his brother, sister, and wife in mourning.

The note, contain an hommage to the beloved producer but also ask for the readers to take care of their mental health with the utmost concern and invite grieving fans can leave their thoughts, condolences and memories by mail at

Finally, Griffin Fulton stated that his family will be forming an organization dedicated to, “real and lasting positive change,”. You can read the full message below :


If you or someone you know are struggling with your mental health or wellbeing, and need support, The Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) has launched a mental health guide for people working in the electronic music industry aimed to educate, provide practical support, and further destigmatise the subject.

 The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health  can be viewed online and downloaded The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health For more information email