Printworks London reopening in 2026

Printworks London reopening plans for 2026

The world renowned post-industrial superclub is poised to make a comeback by 2026 as the site owners has formally submitted a proposal transforming Printworks London into a multifaceted cultural hub with offices and retail spaces.

Alexandre Trochut
Printworks London. 2021 - Credits : Printworks

Printworks London, the renowned  post-industrial superclub, is poised to make a comeback by 2026. This potential revival comes as site owners and property developers British Land and AustraliaSuper have entered into exclusive discussions with Broadwick, the electronic music operator behind Printworks.

Printworks London revival as a cultural landmark

The envisioned venue will occupy one portion of the existing building, while the other segment, dubbed the Grand Press, will undergo a transformation into offices accommodating 1,500 employees and retail establishments. The consortium has submitted their proposal to Southwark Council aiming to secure planning permission within the coming months.

Printworks constitutes an integral component of both companies ambitious £6 billion Canada Water project, spanning 22 hectares south of the Thames. This visionary development features residential and commercial spaces, including up to 3,000 new homes (35% as affordable housing) & office for 20,000 professionals.

Emma Cariaga, a key figure in British Land’s project leadership, underscores the potential to establish a new cultural landmark in London. The reopening of Printworks based on his legacy will make it again a premier destination for electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. The club was voted #2 best club in the world in DJ Mag Top Clubs 2023.

“What appeals to us about it is that it’s creating a new piece of city and a new district for London. We intend to create a permanent cultural venue and put it on the map globally. Over the last six years, Printworks has become an iconic venue for electronic music and one of the top five clubs in the world. But our plans seek to push that to deliver a much broader programme.” – Emma Cariaga

World-renowned architectural firm already commissioned

Architects Hawkins\Brown have been tasked with preserving the venue’s original industrial aesthetics while adapting it to host a diverse array of events. From electronic dance music nights to immersive art exhibitions and corporate functions. The proposed redevelopment plans include repurposing the Inkwells into a dedicated performance space for immersive experiences and intimate music events.

Printworks London reopening in 2026
Printworks London reopening project terrace overlooking a new park. Credits : Broadwick

In a nod to its industrial heritage, British Land intends to salvage and repurpose significant components of the original printing equipment, underscoring its commitment to honoring the site’s legacy. Plans also entail the addition of a rooftop terrace and state-of-the-art conference facilities offering panoramic views of the Press Halls.

Printworks’ Legacy: A Cultural Void in London

During its six-year tenure under temporary consent, Printworks played host to a myriad of events, including concerts, film shoots, and immersive opera performances. The venue’s closure last year marked the end of an era, leaving a void in London’s cultural landscape.

As Printworks inches closer to potential reopening, anticipation mounts among music enthusiasts and cultural aficionados alike. The venue’s legacy as a bastion of electronic music and immersive experiences promises to endure, offering a beacon of creativity and expression in the heart of London.