Martin Garrix Presents: ANIMA (Live @ Amsterdam RAI 2018)
Martin Garrix live at RAI Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2018 - Credits : Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix published his ANIMA live set at RAI Amsterdam

Alexandre Trochut

You can now watch Martin Garrix Presents: ANIMA (Live @ Amsterdam RAI 2018), his brand new show concept performed during Amsterdam Dance Event 2018.

Martin Garrix unveiled “ANIMA” a brand new show concept that was sold out for the 2 shows at the RAI Amsterdam. Featuring the four chapters ‘Consciousness’, ‘Void’, ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Worlds’, ANIMA is truly an art form. And merry christmas ! It’s now available for everyone to see.

The show is representing 6 months of works from Motion design, Sound design and Effect as Lorenzo De Pascalis explained

This year was filled with a lot of amazing work, this is what I have done for around 6 months of my time. Wrote down a fun story and concepts for ANIMA a show for Martin Garrix regarding an A.I. being transforming in different states from it’s server to the world. Designed all visuals with my talented friends at Sugo Design TV and a few amazing designers as Emanuele Kabu, Eduardov, Paraic mcGloughlin, Notch Kinect and camera effects together with Marco Martignone and the overall project and concepts with Gabe Fraboni. Intro Audio with the help of Marco Zano. “

 Lorenzo De Pascalis, motion designer