Don Diablo enters Crypto-Art world with ” Genesis ” NFT hologram

Alexandre Trochut

Don Diablo is selling ” Genesis ” his first non-fungible token, a unique hologram with a physical cartridge that contains the digital art piece.

” Genesis “, his first non-fungible token features a copy of a Don Diablo unreleased song & an accompanying digital art piece.

Don Diablo first crypto-art ” Genesis ” is a hologram cabinet

The crypto-art piece is one copy of the song released that will be playable via a cartridge that coincides with a hologram synthesizer inspired by Don’s first keyboard that he purchased when he was a kid.

The hand-crafted hologram cabinet is a new invention by Don called HEXAGRAM that he built from scratch while the casing for the NFT was inspired by 80s video game cartridges from his youth.

The collector who will buy the NFT will get the cabinet and the cartridge to display the one-of-a-kind NFT.

“ For my genesis (1 of 1) piece I wanted to create something very personal as well as innovative. This NFT is a magical combination of three elements: a never before heard song, an animation and it comes with a handbuilt hologram cabinet + cartridge to display the art in a truly unique way in your living room.

I started working on this particular song at the beginning of my career and have continued working on it every single year from that moment.

I must have spent over 250 hours in total on the song and never found the right purpose or timing to share it with the world, up until now. The animation of the hologram synthesizer is based on the very first keyboard I bought as a kid, to make things truly full circle.

The idea for the hexagon hologram cabinet (HEXAGRAM) and the cartridge derives from my love for both Star Wars as well as old school Nintendo gaming consoles. My genesis piece is nostalgia mixed with my vision for the future of digital art. ”

– Don Diablo

Don will launch his NFT collectible on one of the leading platforms for crypto art: Superrare at Watch the video above to learn more.