Defected' WE TALK AS ONE visual. 2020 - Credits : Defected Records

Defected announces WE TALK AS ONE leadership panels

Alexandre Trochut

From 27th November to 18th December, over 20 key players will discuss music and digital media industries present and future in a virtual roundtable format.

English label Defected Records is launching its first ever thought leadership series We Talk As One in a four-week sessions which run every Friday from 27th November to 18th December 2020 and that will be streamed on Defected’s LinkedIn channel.

“ It has never been more vital for conversation, as we navigate through various threats to our culture and plot a course to a safer, smarter future. There is so much practical and progressive thinking that needs to be heard, and I’m excited that Defected’s ‘We Talk As One’ inspiration afternoons will facilitate this.

I’m personally honoured we have the great and the good of the global music family and beyond involved, from artists and producers to platforms, brands, labels and events organisers. It should be an exhilarating level of discourse where we can importantly shine a light on a way forward, out of this year. ”

– James Kirkham, CBO, Defected

The label is bringing together more than 20 business leaders and innovators from the likes of Warner Music, YouTube, Facebook, CAA, COPA90Beatport, Bridges For Music, Yoke NetworkFull Fat, Warehouse Project/ParklifeHospital Records and Defected Records.


WE TALK AS ONE Talk Panels Program

Defected’ WE TALK AS ONE visual. 2020 – Credits : Defected Records


FRIDAY 27TH NOV : Where we are, and where we’re going to…

The first session will seek to take stock of where the electronic music industry as the nightlife in the UK is now, addressing these issues, and looking to build a picture of an immediate future.


  • Dan Chalmers – Director of YouTube Music
  • Ella McWilliam – Co-Founder, Full Fat
  • Maria May – Senior Agent, CAA
  • Michael Kill – CEO, NTIA
  • Sasha Lord – Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester


” I have had the privilege to witness the strength and depth of community represented within our sector during this crisis, and I remain resolute and confident that our entrepreneurial spirit and the abundance of creative minds, will make our industry more resilient, generating a smarter stronger future coming out of this pandemic “

– Michael Kill, CEO, NTIA


FRIDAY 4TH DEC : The changing sounds

This session will focus on the future of Electronic Music, the changes and effects of the pandemic. Are we preparing for the worst or on the cusp of something special?


  • DJ Paulette – DJ & Producer
  • Monki – DJ & Broadcaster
  • Simon Dunmore – Founder, Defected
  • Tunde Babalola – Producer (Future Cut)


FRIDAY 11TH DEC : Promotional Pivoting

This session will interrogate the changing nature of marketing through dance culture and the new and necessary moves of music promotion since the pandemic hit.


  • Bob Workman – Senior Vice President, Music Partnerships at Warner Music
  • Jidé Maduako – CEO, Yoke Network
  • Nick Lewis – Director Creative Strategy, COPA90
  • Tom Coxhead – Head of Digital Marketing, Defected
  • Vanessa Bakewell – Global Client Partner – Entertainment, Facebook


“ I am really excited to join the panel for ‘We Talk As One’ to discuss the power of community in music and how this has been further accelerated as a positive force online to unite audiences around the world. At this time, even when physically distanced, it’s important to still remain socially connected.

There are opportunities for connected and resilient music organisations and brands to positively impact society and their communities. Continuing to enrich people’s lives through music, adapting and rethinking a new purpose and role in today’s ever changing landscape.”

– Vanessa Bakewell, Global Client Partner – Entertainment, Facebook


FRIDAY 18TH DEC : For Tomorrow

The final panel will be about inspiring the next generation of aspiring producers; academies, writers,producers & retailers will seek to fuel hope, and identify what is important right now.


  • Chris Goss – Co-Founder, Hospital Records
  • Kwame Safo aka Funk Butcher – DJ & Founder, Houseology
  • Rob Cowan – CEO & Founder, Point Black
  • Terry Weerasinghe – Chief Strategy Officer, Beatport
  • Thulani Headman aka Fosta – DJ & Co-Founder, Bridges For Music
  • Wez Saunders – Managing Director, Defected


We Talk As One will be free-to-access live streamed every Friday on Defected’s LinkedIn platform, from 1pm GMT.