Amercian DJ & Producer and house music legend Paul Johnson

Chicago House Music legend Paul Johnson passed away

Alexandre Trochut
Amercian DJ & Producer and house music legend Paul Johnson. 2020 - Credits : Marie Staggat

After being recently hospitalised in an intensive care unit during the last weeks, Paul Johnson has tragically lost his battle against the virus Covid-19.

Chicago-born, Paul Johnson is best known for his self-taught DJ style of house music but mostly for his 1999 single “Get Get Down”, which became a worldwide hit.

A post published one hour ago on his official Facebook page has sadly confirm the news, the post include a very moving video – you can watch below – where we see the artist confiding in himself and his passion.

A true passionated legend


Paul Johnson first began DJing in Chicago in 1984 when he was 13, and started working as a producer in 1987, the same year he became paralysed from the waist down after being shot and forced to use a wheelchair, he made tracks for Chicago house labels Dance Mania, Relief, Cajual, Nite Life, Undaground Therapy, Defected, DJax Up Beats, Peacefrog, and Moody.

In 1997, Johnson and his partner Radek started the Chicago house label Dust Traxx, and also worked with Robert Armani under the name Traxmen and with Gant Garrard as Brother 2 Brother. His 2004 track, “Follow This Beat”, hit No. 8 on the US Dance chart.

Paul Johnson – Get Get Down

in 1999, his song “Get Get Down” became an international hit, sustaining airplay for several years in clubs and was a Top 5 hit on the UK Singles Chart and a top 3 hit in Greece. The song reached number-one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in December 1999.

In 2003 he had his left leg amputated after being hospitalised in Chicago with severe pains in his lower extremities, and in 2010 he lost his right leg after a serious accident.

Johnson didn’t let his disability stop him from being an active club DJ and producer. He still toured the world to DJ in clubs, and his release schedule stayed regular from the start of his career through to 2021. recently, Paul Johnson used his Instagram account to tell his fans & friends that he had been hospitalized with COVID and was feeling weak.

In two subsequent posts, the last of which was on July 19th, he explained that his situation had taken a turn for the worst and was being put on a ventilator as he was unable to breathe anymore. While recovered in the ICU, the artist fought brave during two weeks, but today, friends and family confirmed he had passed away.

No doubt that this sad news left many people of the electronic music scene under shock. Thank you for your legacy Paul, you will live on forever in our hearts and on dance floors all over the world.