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bpm magazines archives. 1998 – Credits : Jason Adam

bρm® (Beats Per Minute) was first established in 1996 by founders David Ireland and Rob Simas, with Simas serving as editor-in-chief. This independent magazine offered original content on dance music and its surrounding culture and remained in print until 2010. After a long hiatus, the magazine has recently undergone a rebirth in Europe as a digital-native version. With a renewed focus on the electronic dance music culture, our digital platform features insightful articles, music playlists, and engaging videos, among other exciting offerings. As we continue to evolve, we remain committed to our mission of providing unparalleled coverage of the vibrant and dynamic world of electronic dance music.

Electronic dance music more than a passion, It’s an unyielding force that has driven and inspired us since day one, uniting people worldwide. Relaunched and powered by an unwavering dedication, bρm® is back with a renewed mission: to be the definitive media connecting artists & electronic music lovers in a shared experience through unique contents that will makes you feel the pulse of dance music.

BPM magazines archives. 1998 – Credits : Jason Adam


At bρm®, we don’t just publish information – we curate news and music that are uplifting, shocking, and enlightening, all while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, clarity, and fairness. From the latest tracks, albums to the most captivating live DJ sets, we rigorously research and evaluate everything we recommend. Drawing on our extensive network of style, tech, and industry experts, we provide unique insights and highlight the best-in-class products that set us apart from other. Our unwavering commitment to journalistic ethics makes us more than just a passionate source – we are a trusted and independent media platform.


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We are proud to participate in affiliate marketing programs that allow us to offer the best products to our audience. Our recommendations are carefully chosen by our editorial team and undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that every product we endorse, guaranteeing that you’ll receive the same exceptional experience we’ve come to expect. Our editorial independence is paramount, so you can trust that our recommendations are based on merit alone and not on any advertising relationships or affiliate deals.


We take our trusted relationship with our readers seriously, and therefore maintain a strict privacy policy.

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