Sketch of the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music entrance. 2015 - Credits : Atelier Markgraph

The city of Frankfurt will soon usher in a museum of electronic music

Alexandre Trochut  - Editor in Chief
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Sketch of the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music entrance. 2015 - Credits : Atelier Markgraph

Launched by the city of Frankfurt in April, the museum will be named MOMEM (Museum Of Modern Electronic Music) and its opening is expected for early 2017.

Alex Azary, the man behind this initiative describes it:

MOMEM won’t be a Museum. No museum in a classical sense, It’s a place in the here and now. An experience raising awareness for various electronic aspects of life: Sound, fashion, instruments, apps, club culture, spaces, medial surroundings, interaction. We will present the development of electronic music since the late 70s with all its genres and sub-genres, key cities that played a key role and those who have witnessed the rise of specific sounds.

We do not want to create a mere retrospective, we want to create a place steeped in this describing current and future movements. But what we want to highlight is more than a musical movement, places and clubs, this is a range of creative fields that have inspired, influenced and changed from that club culture.– Alex Azary

Map of the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music. 2015 – Credits : Atelier Markgraph

In addition to exhibitions, the MOMEM should obviously welcome DJs and musical performance, as indicated in the map above will highlight the technological instruments that played a key role in the evolution of electronic music. You can support the project by clicking here.

By Alexandre Trochut Editor in Chief
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