Dutch DJ & producer Oliver Heldens revealed that he has bipolar disorder

Oliver Heldens revealed that he has bipolar disorder

Alexandre Trochut  - Editor in Chief
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Dutch DJ & producer Oliver Heldens. 2020 - Credits : Oliver Heldens

The Dutch producer took advantage of the third anniversary of Avicii’ death to confess courageously about his bipolar disorders on Twitter yesterday.

It’s in a long post shared Tuesday night on his Twitter account that Oliver Heldens has revealed to have bipolar disorders since the age of 12 and explained the consequences that they had & always have on his life as an artist.

” So let’s try to be more mindful about each other’s mental state and let’s be more honest & open to each other

He explains notably having to cancel a date during a tour in the United States in 2019 because his condition did not allow him to occur. You can read the full message on his post below.

Mental Health in Electronic Music Industry

Those working in the electronic music industry at every level are often more susceptible to feelings of isolation and loneliness resulting from a high frequency of, travelling alone and performing throughout the night with little time to recover.

It takes courage to open up on the state of its mental health especially nowadays when the world is undergoing a pandemic because even if the subject of mental health in electronic music industry is moreover In addition treated and shared, there is still a taboo subject for many artists.

Recently, The Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) has launched a mental health guide for people working in the electronic music industry aimed to educate, provide practical support, and further destigmatise the subject.

 The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health  can be viewed online and downloaded The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health For more information email health@afemorg.net.

By Alexandre Trochut Editor in Chief
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