Hot Since 82 - 8-track

Hot Since 82 – 8-track (album)

Alexandre Trochut  - Editor in Chief
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Hot Since 82 8-track album cover. 2019 - Credits : Keep Deep In Sound

Hot Since 82 new full-length album ‘8-track’ is finally here after 2 years in the making.

The album begins in gracious style with the gently trance-tinged rolling house of ‘Hot Since 82 – Vapours’, where brooding bass underpins heavenly vocal snippets, tense synth chords and warm arpeggios. ‘Hot Since 82 – Tilted’ injects some loose bassline funk with Italo house synth sequences that hark back to the early ‘90s with their subtle sense of euphoria.

‘Hot Since 82 – Buggin’ has already proved a massive hit, with Jem Cooke’s sultry vocals woven over a chugging bass groove and swelling to a heady crescendo that is more than the sum of its parts. Recent single ‘Hot Since 82 – You Are The Light’ is another standout track with a soulful vocal that glides on chugging slabs of relentless bass and a teasingly dark mood.

A 2×12” gatefold version will be available

‘Hot Since 82 – Therapy’ is the album’s stunning centrepiece, a melodic house roller with an emotive vocal that recalls classic house music with its impassioned feel. Sweeping atmospherics and spine-tingling chimes blend perfectly with the melancholy feel. ‘Hot Since 82 – Bloodlines’ has already been a massive smash on dancefloors worldwide, and its blend of classic tribal and progressive house flavours still sound incredibly fresh as part of this collection.

‘Hot Since 82 – Street Lights’ heads into lush deep house territory with its delayed, filtering chord stabs and sensual spoken word vocal. ‘Hot Since 82 – Remains Of The Day’ is a slow-burning techno monster with orchestral undertones, its mystical vocal refrain swirling over sweeping, whirring pad sounds and chunky, layered percussion. Secret bonus track ‘Hot Since 82 – Rest Your Head’ brings the album to a fitting close with its slo-mo, chilled beats and ambient textures — the perfect comedown after this wild ride across the dancefloor.

Released on Knee Deep In Sound, Hot Since 82 – 8-track is now available to download & streaming on legal plateforms.

By Alexandre Trochut Editor in Chief
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