The Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 multi player and Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 digital mixer

Pioneer DJ products are now compatible with MacOs Big Sur

Alexandre Trochut
The Pioneer CDJ-3000 multi player and Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 digital mixer, London - UK. 2020 - Credits : Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ has announced a new series of software updates which make their products finally working with Apple’s latest operating system macOS Big Sur.

Available now on Pioneer DJ website, the company revealed a list of products that will work with the Mac OS Big Sur, including the new CDJ-3000, the DJM-900nxs2 mixer and their DDJ series of controllers, however, some products of the brand will require an updated driver.

RekordboxTORAIZ SP-16 & DJS-1000 are now also working with Big Sur, but need to see their software updated.

Released late last year, Mac OS Big Sur is the first Apple Software made for Apple’s new M1 chips, it also offer the feature to port iOS apps over to desktop, but in the same time, it was also a big issue for audio manufacturers & developers who had to update their software to work with the new update.