Glimpse of the Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 hardware sampler. 2017 - Credits : Pioneer DJ
Glimpse of the Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 hardware sampler. 2017 - Credits : Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ and Splice officalize collaboration around TORAIZ SP-16

Alexandre Trochut

Pioneer DJ and Splice collaborate to make the TORAIZ SP-16 the first hardware sampler to connect users to a cloud-based music creation workflow.

Pioneer DJ has just announced a new exclusive partnership with Splice, the cloud-based music production platform used by over 700,000 producers, to connect the extensive sample library Splice Sounds to Pioneer’ professional sampler, the TORAIZ SP-16. The game-changing collaboration makes the Pionneer TORAIZ SP-16 the first hardware sampler to offer seamless integration with an online sample library, and we’re celebrating by offering a month’s free access to Splice Sounds.

Splice Sounds revolutionised sample hunting when it launched in 2015 as the first subscription-based sample library, enabling you to download individual sounds rather than buy entire sample packs. With new samples released every week from over 50 leading labels, as well as renowned artists, Splice Sounds offers TORAIZ SP-16 users endless inspiration at their fingertips.

The new integration seamlessly connects the TORAIZ SP-16 to the world’s largest collection of high quality samples and loops. You can pick your favourite individual samples from the Splice Sounds catalogue of over 1 million sounds from world-class providers, build and save custom sample kits, and programme 32-step sequences on the web and on mobile devices using Beatmaker, Splice’s online sequencer. And now, you can easily export your custom sample kits and sequences to the TORAIZ SP-16 with the click of a button. There’s no need to import samples one by one. Simply download your creations as SCENE files to your laptop or a USB drive, connect the TORAIZ SP-16 via USB and transfer the SCENE files across. Then you can use the hardware’s features and FX to manipulate your sounds further.

We strive to significantly improve the creative workflows of the modern musician. By partnering with a leader like Pioneer DJ to bridge the gap between the cloud and hardware, we take a big step towards providing users with a richer and more streamlined creation experience.

– Steve Martocci, CEO and co-founder of Splice


To celebrate the launch of this new integration, in partnership with Splice Pioneer is offering one month’s free access to Splice Sounds, available from March 15th, 2017. Head to and sign up to create your account first. Then, go to the subscriptions page and use the promo code “TORAIZ16” to get access to Splice Sounds and start creating.