Where Love Lives: A Story of Dancefloor Culture & Expression

Alexandre Trochut

Glitterbox’s ” Where Love Lives ” documentary will be available for viewing on Youtube on March 18th 2021, review of a this so-needed masterpiece nowadays.

Through the stories of Glitterbox’s kaleidoscopic family of ambassadors Lucy Fizz, TeTe Bang and The Mx Fit, ” Where Love Lives ” allow us to understand how despite their great differences, their unique journey and their quest for meaning, they’re finally united through how the clubland can be a remedy and life purpose for them.

The documentary also give the floor to legends like Nicky Siano who remind us that back in the days of The Gallery in New-York, it was war & “people needed a place to come together and change the world, a place where we had the power of freedom. “

This reminder, as well as the evocation of what the Paradise Garage was – a temple of music filled with white, black and gays people gathered all together to dance – particularly resonates at a time when we can no longer even enjoy this cherished freedom, the freedom to dance, the freedom not to be judged.

« You are enough to be whatever you want »

The focus then goes to the House of Yes club helping people & trying to be there for them when they have mental or sexual problems just like the poignant testimony of Billy Porter explaining AIDS Crisis in the middle of the 80′, both recalling how the dancefloor has often been a refuge for minorities.

” Back in time people needed a healing space to recharge while AIDS was rising in New York and gay men were dying and nobody cares ! The dancefloor was the space to heal & recharge to be able to face the world after. “

– Billy Porter

The documentary reaches an emotional climax when Billy Porter explains that in the midst of the AIDS crisis, gay men even forbade themselves to fall in love for fear that their love might die a few weeks later and then magic unfolds before our eyes when we see Billy Porter in the studio with The Shapeshifters, sing the song “Finally Ready” and thus operate a catharsis.

Saving the Dancefloor Culture

Where Love Lives ” is a gem, a reminder so necessary that music delivers us from many of our ailments and that dancefloors all over the world are sacred spaces where humans simply come to forget their lives or to create a new one.

“ Dancefloors can unify people in ways governments & religions can’t & I stand by that sh*t 100% ”

– Honey Dijon

Through a magnificent photographic direction, “ Where Love Lives ” conveys several universal messages and yet more contemporary than ever on diversity, tolerance and self-acceptance.

The documentary reminds us that music has the power to succeed where many other mediums have failed and that therefore, it’s more than ever necessary to protect our culture.

In conclusion, ” Where Love Lives ” is a magnificent work of which the only criticism that we can make is that it’s just too short, because there are so many beautiful stories to tell and so many values to remember that we want it to be made with as much quality, decency, poetry and kindness as what is offered here. Glitterbox, we can’t wait for what’s coming next.