Watch Madeon ‘Miracle’ Video Clip Starring Maisie Williams

Alexandre Trochut

Directed by Lena Headey and starring Maisie Williams (both Game of Thrones alums) Madeon ‘Miracle’ video featured a surrealist collision through 2 persons.

Madeon has unveiled the video for “Miracle” from the album Good Faith. released in November 2019, featuring the singles “All My Friends,” “Dream Dream Dream” and “Be Fine.”

On the album’s inspiration, he told Paper magazine :

“ A big theme for me was my relationship to my mood, my health, mental health and questioning for a while the validity of enthusiasm and joy, trying to understand where it came from and its legitimacy to some extent.

The main thing I wanted to capture for sure was the smell of a summer day or the saturation of the sky. My experience of joy was the main driving thing. I reached for instruments that evoked joy for me. I wanted my ‘joy’ album. ”

– Madeon

He also collaborated with Lady Gaga on the track “911” for her latest album Chromatica, out in 2020.