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Alexandre Trochut

With UNDERPLAYED, Stacey Lee sheds light on under-representation and lack of equality that women in the world of electronic music have faced for decades.

Electronic music was born with ideals of diversity, community and inclusiveness. Yet in 2019, the Billboard’s Top 100 DJs list only had … 7% of women in their ranks.

UNDERPLAYED documentary is a brilliant awareness tool

” You can’t be what you can’t see. “

– Alison Wonderland 

Filmed in the middle of the festival season, UNDERPLAYED documentary directed by Stacy Lee and produced by Bud Light, paints a current portrait of issues related to gender, ethnicity and gender equality, through pioneers, new generation artists & female leaders.

“ When I learned about the shared plight of the women in electronic music, I saw a necessity to tell a story that speaks to the deeply personal and very human impact of this global issue. That transcends the music space, and speaks to the collective experience of so many working women today from film to politics and beyond. ”

– Stacy Lee 

Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival back in September 2020, UNDERPLAYED is featuring interviews and commentary by NERVO, Alison Wonderland, REZZTOKiMONSTA, Louisahhh, Suzanne Ciani, SHERELLE, Nightwave, and TYGAPAW.

Lack of diversity, invisibilization & their consequences

While each of his women has her own unique story, their journey, yet so different, all turn out to be sown with the same pitfalls, impostor syndrome, moral harassment, sexism & UNDERPLAYED turns out brilliant by offering an unprecedented sounding board with this gathering of testimonies.

All those women are mobilized in their desire to bring change and inspire a diverse pool of models for future generations and UNDERPLAYED explores how the gender disparity operates.

Stacey Lee takes us on the inner journeys of those so talented women making their mark & rising to the top of their industry, while inspiring a more diverse range of artists for future generations.

” The hope is for Underplayed to stimulate the conversation needed to breakdown the systematic bias’ and bring electronic music back to its open, diverse and fiercely experimental roots.To remind us that equality isn’t about one side defeating the other, but by all sides coming together for the greater good.Because the more we can lift eachother up, the more we all have to gain. “

– Stacy Lee 

Perhaps what’s most affecting is how the narratives of each subject — both past and present — eloquently question the social structure of an entire industry and those vibrant portraits highlights these women are calling for greater gender, racial, and ethnic equality, demanding that the industry becomes more inclusive.

Watching UNDERPLAYED put you in the position where it just became impossible to doubt when you see the same patterns happening again in front of you from so many women.

Watching this documentary is important because if we want a better world for our women & girls, we need to be aware and accept the notion that for women to gain equal footing with their male counterparts, a revolution must happen.

UNDERPLAYED is now available to watch worldwide go to the official website to see where.