English DJs & Producers duo Third ≡ Party. 2017 - Credits : Third ≡ Party
English DJs & Producers duo Third ≡ Party. 2017 - Credits : Third ≡ Party

Third ≡ Party presents album documentary “HOPE”

Alexandre Trochut

Few days after releasing the first-ever Third Party album, Armada Records presents an exclusive documentary about the album “HOPE”.

One of the finest dance music acts in the UK, Third Party have been strengthening their foothold since starting off in 2010. With a repertoire consisting of emotionally charged big room anthems and the most infectious of progressive cuts, the duo saw its RELEASE brand spread all over the world in the past few years, a legacy strengthened even further by Armada Music’s adoption of their Release Records imprint in 2015. “Lions In The Wild“, made in collaboration with Martin Garrix, is one of their most successful releases to date with over sixteen million streams to date on Spotify alone.

Top-notch Progressive in eleven fold with unmatched catchiness on top. That’s “Hope” to you, us and everyone who knows good music when they hear it. 

– Third ≡ Party

Third Party have gone all out to leave a lasting impression with every single track and this album is what will get you through any day. There’s no life without ‘Hope’ and this superb body of work proves just that. Consisting of eleven inspiring, colorful and progressive-flavored track, throughout the entire musical spectrum, discover now the story behind this amazing UK duo album.

1. Without You
2. Live Forever
3. Veins
4. Guiding Light ft. Fran Garcia
5. Arrival
6. Waiting
7. Get Back
8. Lions In The Wild ft. Martin Garrix
9. Hurt
10. Have No Fear
11. Everyday Of My Life (VIP mix)