Glitterbox release Where Love Lives documentary trailer

Alexandre Trochut

Glitterbox has announced their first foray into documentary filmmaking, with a feature-length film entitled Where Love Lives due for release in summer 2020.

Produced by Oliver Prince and directed by Brilliams, whose previous work includes film projects for Red Bull, Resident Advisor, BBC Three and more, Where Love Lives is a story of music’s enduring power to manifest diverse and inclusive community, and the power of that community to accept and embrace, to liberate, even to save lives.


Dancefloors can unify people in ways governments and religions can’t and I stand by that sh*t 100%” – Honey Dijon


Through extensive exclusive interviews with titans of nightlife culture, Where Love Lives contributors Billy Porter, Honey Dijon, Kathy Sledge, Kiddy Smile, Lucy Fizz, John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez and many more explore how those driven to the margins of society are welcomed unconditionally to the centre of the dancefloor and share the story of acceptance and creative expression – empowered, enabled and soundtracked by club music.


“When something is that powerful, nobody can take it away from you forever. We learn, we grow, times change, and now we’re here” – Billy Porter


Where Love Lives explores themes of identity and self-expression through the stories of family of artists, dancers and queer performers and the vital importance that clubland plays for those whose identities are not fully accepted in the mainstream. Expertly navigating through nightlife culture’s history, and introducing its present, the film meets the fabulous creatures that inhabit it, and connects the dots that drew each of them to answer dance music’s call.


“ I’ve always been fascinated by the positive effects of music and the communities that grow around it. Since the inception of dance music, dancefloors have been rich ground for community, and an incredible representation of cultural identity and self-expression. Everyone has their own journey to the dancefloor and their own voyage of self-expression to navigate. Through the stories of the kaleidoscopic family of performers that give Glitterbox its heart and soul, we set out to show why those journeys are so incredibly important. ”

– Brilliams, Where Love Lives Director


The documentary, which has been 18 months in the making, is due for release later this summer. It has been filmed at various New York, Ibiza, Paris and London locations, and featured contributors include rising star of the art world Haris NukemGlitterbox founder Simon Dunmore, Sink The Pink co-founder Glyn Fussell and legendary DJ/producer Nicky SianoFor more information and updates head to: