Hot Since 82 - Evolve Or Die EP
Hot Since 82 - Evolve Or Die EP

Hot Since 82 – Evolve Or Die EP

Alexandre Trochut

Hot Since 82 steps up to release his new track “Evolve Or Die” on Moon Harbour including a remix by Matthias Tanzmann to make for an essential new package.

Hot Since 82 ascended through the ranks very quickly, and now he not only turns out a slick style of house and tech, but holds his own label showcases all over the world. With legions of fans and an ever growing roster, it has become a real taste making operation, as have Daley Padley’s own fine productions.

Evolve or Die” is another one of those: it is an expressive eight minute affair that journeys far off into the cosmos, with twinkling keys and lush synth layers all adding colour and intergalactic vibes to the firmly rooted kicks and claps. Bursts of white noise release the pressure and the whole thing keeps on building to a terrifically intense peak that will have dancefloors in raptures.

The remix from Tanzmann is a deeper, more rumbling affair led by jostling kick drums and slick bass. Run through with radiant synth smears, it’s full of warmth and soul and cannot help but get you jiggling your body in that textbook Tanzmann way. This is a tight and tidy two track package that offers very different sounds for different parts of the night.

Released on Moon Harbour, “Evolve or Die” is now available to download & streaming on legal plateforms.