Axwell - Waiting for So Long (Gloria)

Axwell – Waiting for So Long (Gloria)

Alexandre Trochut
Axwell - Waiting for So Long (Gloria)

Celebrating the decade of its own imprint Axtone Records, swedish producer Axwell is curating a deluxe compilation — Axtone Ten — that features his first solo single since 2013. “Waiting for So Long (Gloria),” is trully a wedding dedication from the producer to his wife.

Back in the studio since 2013’s “Center of the Universe“, this new track is not not a dancefloor killer, but that’s not the point, all is matter here was to build something unique for his love as Axwell told Rolling Stone magasine about its intimate tone :

I thought my wife deserved something money couldn’t buy — a song just for her. – Axwell

Featuring syncopated MIDI trumpets against a rounded synth, laid over a beat, “Waiting for So Long (Gloria)” is a unique track inside Axwell‘ discography but there is nothing to add when love and talent allows to offer the loved one a unique gift – a creative symbol of love – one can only bow to the beauty of the gesture and emotion of the song. You stream the song below :

Released inside the Axtone Ten compilation on Axtone Records, “Waiting for So Long (Gloria)” is available now on Beatport.