Joris Voorn - I Ran The Zoo EP
Joris Voorn - I Ran The Zoo EP

Joris Voorn – I Ran The Zoo EP

Alexandre Trochut

Joris Voorn returns with another sterling release under the form of a 2 track EP called Joris Voorn – I Ran The Zoo EP and released on his Green label.

Joris Voorn – I Ran The Zoo EP is a lesson in stripped-back contrast and subtlety, with an acidic groove bleeping away over driving percussion and delicate atmospherics in its Digital Version, the tension growing with every thud of the kick drum. A dizzying breakdown raises the bar with snare rolls and dramatic pads, with the wide-open space therein soon sucked back into the void when the beat drops back in. Meanwhile the special Analog Version harks back to Joris techno sound of old. The throbbing kick and bass and acid blips are set against rising, white-noise drenched synth swells and simple percussion to create something moody and tough yet teasingly pared back.

These two heads-down mixes make this release a stark contrast to some of his more melodic, riff-fuelled releases of late, once again demonstrating Joris’ endless versatility and shape-shifting abilities.

Released on Green, Joris Voorn – I Ran The Zoo EP  is now available to download & streaming on legal plateforms.