Jeremy Olander - Damon EP

Jeremy Olander – Damon EP

Alexandre Trochut
Jeremy Olander - Damon EP

The “Damon” EP is a true testament to Jeremy Olander’s immense talent and unearthly consistency in all disciplines of electronic music production.

Never succumbing to trends and with an uncanny ability to present something surprising and intriguing with every release, his new offering is a gripping musical journey. Starting off with lead record “Damon” that brings a sinister, mysterious groove and a lead melody that sounds like it’s taken straight out of a 90s horror film, Olander masterfully contrasts it against a euphoric atmosphere and warm, spacey FX elements.

Second on the EP, fan favorite “Billinghurst” starts out on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Dreamy, melodic and simply vintage Olander, it truly pays homage to the late 90s melodic house era at its peak with a deep breakdown, long suspenseful build and an exultant yet sophisticated release.

Released on Vivrant Records, “Damon” EP is now available to download & streaming on legal plateforms.