Generation HEX004 EP

Generation HEX 004 EP

Alexandre Trochut
Generation HEX004 EP

Don Diablo’s HEXAGON label takes another dive into the future with the fourth edition of its “Generation HEX” EP series featuring a new range of artists . 

Known for delivering major hits and as a renowned talent scout, HEXAGON has quickly established itself as a well respected dance label since its 2015 launch. Not only has head honcho Don Diablo produced some of its biggest releases, artists like Alex Adair, Zonderling, MOTi, Sagan, Madison Mars and King Arthur also delivered highly acclaimed tracks.

A new range of artists

This included the launch of “Generation HEX“, an EP series where the label explores many of its newly found talents. Last year, the first three parts were released, featuring burgeoning stars like Khrebto, Going Deeper, Jonas Aden, Holl & Rush, PBH & Jack Shizzle, Bali Bandits and Toby Green. With each act having a sound of its own, it underlined the broad sound of the HEXAGON label champions.

It took a little longer to put together this new GENERATION HEX EP because I wanted to raise the level of the featured tracks once again, which wasn’t an easy task. BUT: I feel I have succeeded with this new EP, all tracks are strong and unique in their own way. I have played them all out and they set dance floors on fire across the globe, no doubt about that. So, I am very excited to finally share the full EP with you guys now! Enjoy the exquisite talents of Sagan, Bart B More, Steff Da Campo, Raven & Kreyn, Matroda, Tom & Jame and Holl & Rush! #ReadyForTheFuture 

– Don Diablo

Looking ahead to the new season, HEXAGON now continues the series with the fourth instalment. The 4-track EP has a cool selection of high energy floor tunes. Sagan brings the heat with the uplifting house groove “Banzai“, while Bart B More and Steff Da Campo team up with mister Simon Franks (known for Audio Bullys fame) for the sturdy vocal house tune “Jump!“. Also making moves is Matroda in a collab with Raven & Kreyn, getting their electro spark lit up with the aptly titled “Back To The Future“, followed by Tom & Jame together with Holl & Rush with the full on future house banger “Move On Me“.

Released on HEXAGON Records, “Generation HEX 004” is now available to download & streaming on legal plateforms.