Ingrosso, Liohn, Salvatore - Flags
Ingrosso, Liohn, Salvatore - Flags

Ingrosso, LIOHN, Salvatore – FLAGS!

Alexandre Trochut

Serving as his first solo single in upwards of three years, Sebastian Ingrosso has returned to the ephemeral spotlight to form a new venture in sound with “FLAGS!” releasing today on his own label Refune Music.

Connecting with fellow Scandinavian talents LIOHN and Salvatore, “FLAGS!” is a testament to Sebastian’s commitment to delivering forward thinking and innovative records. Featuring the distinct festival oriented sound that so many fans have grown to love, this collaborative effort showcases relentless club infused bass melodies aligned with frenetic synth lines atop refined dancehall twists and vocals, creating the perfect amalgamation of styles from all three prolific producers.

Having boasted an impressive solo career, Sebastian’s last effort “Reload” with Tommy Trash and John Martin has amassed a staggering 100 million streams since its release in 2013, and his latest track “FLAGS!” looks to be headed toward comparable success. With the sights and sounds of Refune heading in a fresh and exciting direction, be sure to stay up to date with Refune socials.

Released on Refune Music, “FLAGS!” is available now on beatport.