Don Diablo - Eyes Closed
Don Diablo - Eyes Closed cover track. 2021. Credits : HEXAGON

Don Diablo – Eyes Closed

Alexandre Trochut

“Don Diablo – Eyes Closed” marks the return of Don to his future-house roots as he delivers his fourth single of the year via his HEXAGON imprint.

Featuring a lead female vocal, deep rolling bass, arpeggiated synths and two stabbing drops, the track will please Don Diablo’s die-hard fans as ” Eyes Closed ” is another new epic production that will further cement Don’ position as the pioneer of the future-house genre if it was still necessary.

This last month, Don Diablo has demonstrating his diversity as a producer especially with the release of the poptastic production “Falling For You” from his 80s inspired Camp Kubrick project with Denzel Chain. Another proof that HEXAGON headhoncho can deliver a radio hit, no matter the genre & the time of the year.

Last month also saw Don Diablo making an explosive entrance into the crypto-art scene with the sale of his revolutionary NFT concept Genesis which sold for an unprecedented $200,000 USD on SuperRare platform seeing the artist creating a new hybrid concept between the digital & physical art world unlike anything that has been seen before.



Released on HEXAGON, “ Don Diablo – Eyes Closed  is now available on streaming plateforms.