Clew Prov - Tarzan
Clew Prov - Tarzan

Clew & Prov – Tarzan (original mix)

Alexandre Trochut

A delicate piece of music from Clew & Prov. Kicking off with a pleasant guitar riff that smoothly fuses with its delicate percussion and powerful vocals. Tarzan brings a steady melody that is built to resist. A vehement tune that makes you feel alive, wander away with “Tarzan”.

Alongside Chance the Rapper, Mick Jenkins, and Noname, the Windy City has been dominating the scene with its community of hip-hop artists and electronic producers. One such artist who is ready to make his debut in the hip-hop community is Chandler Lewis, also known as “Clew” (pronounced like “clue”). Shaped early on by influences such as Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton, Clew has crafted his own sound into this tune.

Enlisting the help of fellow Chicago producer/artist Prov, Clew releases the single “Tarzan“. The initial creative process for “Tarzan” was very organic. It began with Prov playing a voice memo from a drum circle he had attended. The tribal sound immediately caught Clew’s attention, which Prov used as the basis of the song.

The drums gave me a feeling of running through a landscape without any ideas of stopping or consequence. They gave me a sense of freedom in a place of enchanted desires. I was able to transcribe this concept into a song about lies and relationships, as telling lies can give you a sense of recklessness and control.

We named the song ‘Tarzan’, as it fits the description of a man swinging through the jungle of life or his relationships with utter freedom as well as showing the savagery of his actions and the actions of others. As Prov laid down the guitar riffs and melody for the song, the vision came together in my head and I began writing the chorus, which is the ultimate plea of freedom. – Clew

Tarzan” is a suave blend of experimental electronic hip hop, with Prov’s eclectic production contrasting vibrantly with Clew’s spirited blend of rapping and singing. A four-minute joyride peppered by an energetic blend of tribal drums and sultry guitar riffs, “Tarzan” leads listeners through a lush soundscape.

Soon after Clew & Prov independently released the single “Tarzan“, it was immediately picked up by the Belgian DJ/producer The Magician. Signed to The Magician’s taste-making Potion label and included in his famous Magic Tape 66, “Tarzan” is now officially released on Potion.

Released on Potion, “Tarzan” is now available to download on Beatport.