Bargrooves Lounge Grooves compilation
Bargrooves Lounge Grooves

Bargrooves is back with new timeless lounge grooves compilation

Alexandre Trochut

Bargrooves albums are treasured for consistently delivering very special bespoke compilations for the most discerning of house music lovers. Perfect for everyday at work, every Bargrooves fan has their favourite edition which gets re-played over and over, never getting old. Today see the release of Bargrooves Lounge, the latest in the series, bringing it back to that sophisticated DJ-bar vibe that inspired the Bargrooves concept. 

Bargrooves’ timeless appeal is due to the number of truly great songs that make the cut; there’s no filler, every track has classic elements, whether it’s a soul groove, a captivating melody, or an irresistible beat. This new album is packed with effortlessly smooth contemporary tracks from the last few months, vocal records that tie melody and upbeat tempos seamlessly together, alongside more established tracks that sound just as good today as they ever did.

Highlights include Hercules & Love Affair’s seminal nu-disco hit “Do You Feel The Same?” (6th Borough Project Remix), “Happiness Pt 2” from emerging artist Eli Escobar and Peven EverettCan’t Do Without” (Peven’s New Mix), supplying the mid-tempo grooves, while Bargrooves favourite Tim Deluxe’s “Unsung Hero“, Kings Of Tomorrow “Vibes” and Kaine ft Kathy Diamond “Love Saves The Day” bring the mixes down a notch to create an engaging narrative of feel-good music.

Whatever your drink of choice, Bargrooves Lounge is the heady accompaniment for you to kick back and soak up the music. Grab your mixer, your speakers, a couple of friends and some ice – Bargrooves Lounge is your soundtrack to enjoying the finer things in life.

Tracklist :

  1. Bargrooves DJs ‘Bargrooves Lounge Mix 1’
  2. Bargrooves DJs ‘Bargrooves Lounge Mix 2’
  3. Alaia & Gallo featuring Kevin Haden ‘Who Is He?’ (The Reflex Who’s Who Remix)
  4. Eli Escobar ‘Happiness Pt 2’
  5. Blaze ‘Lovelee Dae’ (Original)
  6. Michel Cleis featuring Totó La Momposina ‘La Mezcla’ (Charles Webster’s Club Mix)
  7. Ben Westbeech ‘Falling’ (Extended Mix)
  8. Ilija Rudman featuring Andre Espeut ‘In Her Eyes’ (Original Mix)
  9. Shuya Okino featuring Navasha Daya ‘Still In Love’ (Alaia & Gallo Remix)
  10. Guti ‘Hope’
  11. Marc Evans ‘Given Me Joy’ (Lovebirds Suite Vocal)
  12. Peven Everett ‘Can’t Do Without’ (Peven’s New Mix)
  13. Josh Butler featuring Kerrie-Anne ‘On The Edge’
  14. Osunlade ‘Momma’s Groove’ (Jimpster’s Hip Replacement Mix)
  15. Kings Of Tomorrow ‘Vibes’
  16. Hercules & Love Affair ‘Do You Feel The Same?’ (6th Borough Project Remix)
  17. Reel People featuring Angela Johnson ‘You Used To Hold Me So Tight’ (Club Mix)
  18. Kaine featuring Kathy Diamond ‘Love Saves The Day’
  19. Chasing Kurt ‘From The Inside’ (Original Mix)
  20. Jon Cutler featuring E-Man ‘It’s Yours’ (Frankie Feliciano’s Reconstruction Mix)
  21. The DangerFeel Newbies ‘What Am I Here For?’ (Original NDATL Vocal – Danny Krivit Edit)
  22. Tim Deluxe ‘Unsung Hero’
  23. Tito Wun ‘The Way U Do It’ (Jacques Renault Edit)
  24. Afterlife featuring Cathy Battistessa ‘Let It Go’ (Jovonn’s Next Moov UK Mix)
  25. Demuir featuring Cynthia Amoah ‘Here’s to Friday’
  26. Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler ‘When The Morning Comes’ (Main Vocal Mix)
  27. Terrence Parker featuring Coco Street ‘Hiding In Your Love’ (TP’s Deep Dancin Dub Mix)
  28. Product Of Da Neighbourhood ‘Living In Brooklyn’ (Roach Motel Dub)
  29. Terri Walker ‘He Loves Me’ (Yoruba Soul Mix)
  30. Mark de Clive-Lowe featuring Jody Watley ‘Tonight’s The Night’ (Original Mix)
  31. Osunlade ‘Butterfly’ (Phil Asher’s Restless Soul Vocal Mix)
  32. Miguel Migs featuring Jason Brock ‘Sail On’