Daniel Stefanik - Deep Inside EP

Daniel Stefanik – Deep Inside EP

Alexandre Trochut
Daniel Stefanik - Deep Inside EP

Moon Harbour welcomes back Daniel Stefanik for the released of Daniel Stefanik – Deep Inside EP that features two essential dance floor bombs.

Stefanik is known as a master of intricate grooves, subtle sound design and compelling cuts that really get under your skin. He has put out four albums and countless EPs on labels such as Cocoon and Raum, and also co-runs the Dambala Experience label. As well as serving up one vinyl exclusive, this Daniel Stefanik – Deep Inside EP features a fully licensed cover-version of Hardrive‘s classic “Deep Inside“, which originally started as an edit Daniel made last year, but has since found its way into some key DJ sets and become quite in demand.

That track, still called “Deep Inside“, is a fantastically writhing monster with kicking drums, bounce in its bones and anthemic appeal in the classic cut-up vocal cries. Driving but party-starting, it is a surefire way to ignite any dance floor and it only grows more unhinged as it unfolds. The excellent and vinyl only exclusive “Another Year” is more stripped back but just as loose and fluid. Constructed from layers of vocal yelps, tumbling percussion and loopy sub bass, it all adds up to a supple yet wild jam that makes you want to cut some fancy shapes.

Daniel Stefanik – Deep Inside EP is just another must-have in your DJ bag & playlist for this summer !

Released on Moon Harbour, Daniel Stefanik – Deep Inside EP is now available to download & streaming on legal plateforms.