Alison Wonderland - Church
Alison Wonderland - Church cover track. 2018. Credits : Universal Music Australia

Alison Wonderland – Church

Alexandre Trochut

Laced by Alison Wonderland’s rich vocals, Alison Wonderland – Church is a powerfully cathartic release out on Universal Music Australia.

Featuring soaring synths Alison Wonderland – Church blends a downtempo crushing melody with strong bassline elements from the highly acclaimed singer, DJ & producer.

“ Vocally, I can hear a massive difference now. I’m a lot more comfortable with my voice now. I’m not afraid to get on the mic and just go for it. ‘Church’ relates to realizing your self-worth, when the person you’re with doesn’t. ”

– Alison Wonderland


In the accompanying official video or Alison Wonderland – Church, directed by Bo Mirhosseni, Alison can be seen leading a church choir from their altar, into a dark, night-time setting where Alison and her new found friends explore the darker sides of their soul, an embodiment of the stark contrast between Alison’s pure and soothing vocals, and grittier breakdown of the track.

Released on Universal Music Australia, Alison Wonderland – Church is now available to download & streaming on legal plateforms.