First Ibiza COVID test pilot event is in project

First Ibiza COVID test pilot event is in project

Alexandre Trochut
Pacha Ibiza' main room, Ibiza - Spain. 2018 - Credits : Pacha Ibiza

The International Nightlife Association and the Balearic Government have already announced that the pilot test will take place in an open-air nightclub.

After being reunited earlier this week, the Ocio de Ibiza (International Nightlife Association) made up of 50 associates including (Ushuaïa Ibiza, Ibiza Rocks, Ocean Beach, Destino) and the Balearic Government have given each other one more week to specify when the first COVID pilot test event will take place and especially when the opening of the dance-floors will begin this season.

So far, the first indications are going into the direction that the Balearic Executive will apply the same process for the clubs as they did for the restaurants & bars; First step will see only the exterior areas to be opened (for those that have some) and later, depending on the pandemic’ development, the interiors will be allowed to be opened step by step and probably with restrictions.

” It will happen as with the restoration: first, the bars were allowed to open the terraces; and now, until things have been somewhat clearer, the interiors. All little by little. The same thing will happen with discos. There will be that process.

They will open the ones with outdoor space first. And then, depending on how everything goes, inside. “

– José Luis Benítez, International Nightlife Association & Spain Nightlife President

The meeting maintained with Rosana Morillo, general director of Tourism, and Rubén Castro, director of the Balearic Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

During the meeting, the Ocio asked for an interior COVID test event to be organized & then a two-weeks period of evaluation to be organized but it has been immediately declined by the Government.

Instead, the Government gave the example of the restoration during the de-escalation, meaning they’re focusing first on an outdoor COVID test event for the clubs, event the date of which is yet to be specified.

Clubs outdoor spaces legalized as Terraces

According to his José Luis Benítez, practically all the clubs have legalized their exterior surfaces in order to be able to welcome the public and finally be able to work.

” And that is very clear: exterior surfaces are not going to be converted now, but we must adjust to the terraces legalized before the pandemic to be able to work when it is allowed to open outdoors … And only until 12 at night, which It is up to where the legislation allows. It’s not going to go back to the 80s, with open-air discos all night.”


1 club, 2 different spaces

To carry out the pilot test, the Government want to know in detail the plans that have offered to carry it out including two separates areas, one for facing and a different one for drinking :

« We believe that a space can be created to dance and another for people to sit down to have a drink. That is why they need us to give them the plans of the two clubs that are willing to be part of that experiment. The Government wants to study those plans. They have seen some, but they need more detail. “


Ocio de Ibiza will also have to clarify to the Balearic Executive what will happen to the health data of customers who purchase tickets as stated below :

« The idea is that everyone buys tickets for the rooms either through their web pages or through online platforms that they sell them, in order to avoid concentrations at the doors and have all the documentation of those clients. But for that it is necessary to protect all that information, as it is sensitive. It must be taken into account that, if there is a positive, it should be communicated directly to Health ».


Few chance for clubs to open in 2021 summer

Benítez explained that he proposed July 2th 2021 for the outdoor COVID test event but it can’t be confirmed until next week and if so, clubs will have to wait two more weeks after the event to see the results.

“ So that, if everything goes well, the terraces of the premises could be opened in mid-July. With restrictions and little by little. It will be very difficult to see people again this summer in a nightclub as has happened until 2019. »

– José Luis Benítez, International Nightlife Association & Spain Nightlife President

So even using the most optimistic calendar, the inside COVID test event could possibly not take place until the last two weeks of July, which means that indoor dancefloors of the Island could not open until the beginning of August at best..