View of Ibiza bars & restaurants inside Dalt Vila
View of Ibiza bars & restaurants inside Dalt Vila, Ibiza - Spain. 2020 - Credits : Shutterstock

Ibiza Bars and Restaurants to reopen outdoor areas in March 2nd

Alexandre Trochut

Set from March 2, it’s only the second phase of Ibiza regional government measures’ easing which should lead to a return to normal for the summer of 2021.

Will there be a full season this summer in Ibiza? There is no doubt that the question is on everyone’s lips and very clever who already know the launch date of the 2021 season.

But one thing is certain, with more than 500M€ in revenue generated by clubbing in Ibiza in 2019, the white island needs more than ever the return of tourists and therefore the reopening of clubs

Earlier this week, a social dialogue table meeting behind closed doors contemplates a slow relaxation of the restrictions starting of March 2nd 2021 as a second phase, allowing only the opening of the terraces, according to Ibiza Government rules.

it lacks the visibility asked by the professionals but it’s difficult to blame the regional government which wants at all costs to avoid a return of the epidemic to the island. A musical tourist spending on average twice as much as a normal tourist, 262M€ were spent in 2019 in the clubs of Ibiza.

Therefore, it’s essential for local authorities to provide as perfect a framework as possible to ensure the sustainability of the 2021 Ibiza summer season. The regional Executive will not present its final proposal until the beginning of next week, according to several of the attendees at the end of the meeting. So more infos are coming soon.