Ibiza 2021 Season

Ibiza 2021 season to be conditionned to strict safe travel protocol

Alexandre Trochut
Amnesia Ibiza' Terrace during an El Row party, Ibiza - Spain. 2019 - Credits : El Row

Ibiza 2021 summer season will imply Covid vaccination certificates or passports for tourists as part of the Spanish safe travel corridor scheme.

Yesterday, the Spanish Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto has announced that the country is already preparing to allow the reopening of international tourism and Covid vaccination certificates or Covid passports will form part of the safe travel corridor scheme from the government.

” We already have safety protocols in place but we want to take another step to help restart travel as soon as the coronavirus situation allows for it.

It gives hope and certainty that that the second semester of 2021 will be when the reactivation of the tourism sector.

We must be prudent and not take a step backwards, which can lead to a new wave, and the consequences for the tourism sector would be potentially worse. “

– Reyes Maroto

However, there’s no indication Spain’s intends to replace negative PCR or antigen tests with vaccine passports and require it as a means of proving one doesn’t have Covid-19 before entering Spain.

Spain just integrates the possibility that Europe sets up the vaccine passports, in which case it would be an additional tool to guarantee against a risk of infection.

However Spain’s chief epidemiologist Fernando Simón is reported to not be convinced by the prospect of Spain adopting and allowing a Covid-19 vaccine passport “for the moment”, suggesting that “a lot more research is needed” and “it can’t be set up quickly”.

The Balearic Government is set to ask Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to allow the Mediterranean islands to become the first region in the country to test the Covid-19 vaccine passport, and then launch Ibiza 2021 season, if and when it has been authorised by the European Union.

” We want to be the first destination where it is authorised “

– Iago Negueruela, Balearic Minister of Economy and Tourism

Minister Maroto added that her government was working with the EU and the OECD to “adopt common protocols that give travellers the confidence that they can travel safely”.