American DJ & Producer David Morales live at Glitterbox, London. 2017 - Credits : Gavin Mills
American DJ & Producer David Morales live at Glitterbox, London. 2017 - Credits : Gavin Mills

Glitterbox announces 2017 Ibiza residency at Hï Ibiza

Alexandre Trochut

Glitterbox has announced that starting form from 9 June 2017, the party will held its Ibiza residency every Friday at the brand new club Hï Ibiza.

Glitterbox is one of the world’s most flamboyant, hedonistic parties, where the world’s foremost DJs, true masters at work renowned for their musical selection and turntable technique, lay down a soundtrack spanning 40 years of joyful, uplifting dance music. In a throwback to the glory days of Disco and House, the club experience is enhanced by dancers and performers, but the crowd are the true stars of the show – open-minded, passionate, and encompassing all ages, colours, genders and sexual orientations.

Glitterbox Hï Ibiza poster. 2017 – Credits : Hï Ibiza

For its third season on the island Glitterbox will take over Fridays at brand new club, HÏ Ibiza, every week from 9 June – 29 September (excluding 4 August). Glitterbox will be breaking in the club with mind-blowing state-of-the-art production, bigger line-ups and their now infamous dance crews out in force. These weekly extravaganzas will feature a well-crafted blend of contemporary, obscure and sought after Disco and House collectables, alongside anthems and classics.

Every Friday you can expect an event with an extrovert personality – an extravaganza! A party that screams “good times”. It’s where people come together to celebrate incredible dance music from across the decades, provided by DJs that know how to rock the discotheque. It’s flamboyant, spiritual and hedonistic. The ultimate dancefloor escape.

We chose Hï for Glitterbox’s Ibiza residency because it is an incredible proposition. It’s the new hot spot on the island. The people involved totally believe in the Glitterbox concept, which is still unique to the island. It’s a challenge, but an opportunity that had to be taken.

– Simon Dunmore

In 2016, Glitterbox reached a new high; Fridays at Space Ibiza were acknowledged to be up there as the very best nights on the island. Unforgettable moments were made; there were impromptu dance-offs on the floor, Barbara Tucker jammed with Louie Vega, and standout performances came from Basement Jaxx, Todd Terry, Dimitri From Paris, Horse Meat Disco and many more. This summer, with an entire venue to play with, Glitterbox in Ibiza promises to be bigger and better than ever before.