Amnesia Ibiza Closing party
Amnesia Ibiza' 2019 Closing party, Ibiza - Spain. 2019 - Credits : Amnesia Ibiza

Amnesia Ibiza announced THE CLOSING October 23th 2021

Alexandre Trochut

Today Amnesia Ibiza announced its closing party for the 2021 summer season, called THE CLOSING, it will be held next october 23th 2021.

As some positive news begins to flow around Europe and clubs start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Amnesia Ibiza has decide to announced its events starting from the last one of the season !


Amnesia Ibiza’ THE CLOSING date announcement poster. 2021 – Credits : Amnesia Ibiza

Setting up its closing party to the late 23th october 2021, which means even after Amsterdam Dance Event 2021.

” We’ve worked a lot to make this an unforgettable closing with all the things you love the most: the best DJs, the most advanced sound system in the world, a spectacular visual production and our unbeatable atmosphere. “

– Amnesia Ibiza

After a catastrophic white season for the clubs of the island, it is a safe bet that the 2021 season will stretch over much more than 6 months. The Spanish government is already working to reopen the island to tourism.