Tomorrowland 2018 pre-registration

Tomorrowland 2018 pre-registration starts today

Alexandre Trochut
Tomorrowland Theater stage, Belgium. 2017 - Credits : Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland 2018 pre-registration aka  “The Story of Planaxis” that will occur on 20-22 and 27-29 July 2018 starts today at 17:00 CET.

In a few months, the People of Tomorrow will be welcomed into the enchanted world of Tomorrowland. Get ready to immerse yourself in: The Story of Planaxis.

Tomorrowland 2018 pre-registration

If you want to get a ticket for one of those two weekends, you will first need to register. Tomorrowland confirm earlier that the first 20 people of each country who will have created a Tomorrowland Account, will have the possibility to buy 4 Tomorrowland tickets through a dedicated ticket link, before the Worldwide Ticket Sale. The first 20 people will be informed by Tomorrowland before the first sales moment.

A day before they release the video teaser confirming the name & theme for this 2018 edition as we wrote few months ago.

400,000 tickets sold out in less than an hour in 2017

The Global Journey packages are the easiest way to get to Tomorrowland at the same time as enjoying a comfortable trip together with other People of Tomorrow. The package offers an all-in experience: flight, train or bus, accommodation plus a Full Madness Pass for Tomorrowland. Every year, thousands of revellers use the Global Journey Package to make their annual trip back to Belgium.

Tomorrowland 2018 pre-registration for the ticket sales of this 14th edition are open from 9 January 2018 to 2 February via It’s necessary to register for the Tomorrowland 2018 Ticket sale. Important note: Pre-Registration is not a guarantee that you will actually be able to buy a ticket, it only grants access to the ticket sales. Last year, the 400,000 tickets for the two weekends sold out in less than an hour

Affordable prices for The Story of Planaxis

With the opening of pre-registrations, Tomorrowland unveiled the prices for the 2018 edition packages & tickets. Here are some rates* :

  • Full Madness Pass : 281€ (225€ for Belgium)
  • Full Madness Comfort Pass (VIP): 496€ (380€ for Belgium)
  • Full Madness Pass + Magnificent Greens : 356€ (290€ for Belgium)

All rates are available on Tomorrowland’s official website.

* The price of the ticket does not include neither the Service Fee & the Treasure Case Fee or the payment fees.

The actual sale of the different ticket formulas will take place on 27 January and 3 February. The hosts of the stages will be announced on 17 January and from 22 January, the line-up will gradually be revealed.  To find out exactly what the mysterious theme of the ‘Story of Planaxis’ entails, visitors will have to wait until late July, during the two weekends of pure magic.