Creamfields Main Stage
Creamfields Main Stage, London (England). 2015 - Credits : Creamfields

Creamfields Announces “Steel Yard” Exclusive New Stage

Alexandre Trochut

After announcing last February the addition of a fourth day and stellar line up, UK festival Creamfields has just revealed a brand new 20.000-attendees “Steel Yard” exclusive stage in addition to its 2016 production installment.

Named “Steel Yard,” this massive 20.000-attendees stage looks to be constructed from an endless metal skeleton surrounded by a large covering. Inside, gigantic, LED-ridden structures hang from the ceiling and move in unison with the music. The result is a truly spectacular and grandiose display that’s sure to make fans of the world’s most expansive festivals feel right at home.

The design, taking into account its basic shape and moving, indoor components, reminds the design of Carl Cox & Friends Ultra’s megastructures with moving LED structures. Despite the onstage screen arrangements being unique, the basic layout of the tent’s interior is far too similar to ignore. With this stage, Creamfields raise the level of its production to the one of the biggest festival in the world like Ultra(s), EDC or Coachella, joining the pool of the competitors for the very best visual experience for festival goers.

You can watch now the video of this “Steel Yard” megastructure into the “videos” section of your app in “Reports” .