English DJ/Producer and techno legend Carl Cox. 2015

Carl Cox to launch his own techno festival in Australia

Alexandre Trochut
English DJ/Producer and techno legend Carl Cox. 2015

Techno & Ibiza legend Carl Cox has declared to Inthemix Australia that he’s working on a new festival, his own brand new festival,  named “Pure” which will be launched in April and located in Melbourne & Sydney. With three decades of experience under his belt, no doubts that’s the project is gonna be a new reference.

Recently interviewed by inthemix, Carl Cox revealed his plans to launch a new festival in Australia this April, he state :

“ I am looking to build my own bespoke Carl Cox festival in Australia. It’s going to be called Pure and all I’m going to be concentrating on is underground DJs who have a vibe for house and techno. We’re looking to start this in April, and the first two cities we’re going to do is Melbourne and Sydney. 

We haven’t decided exactly where we’re going to do them or who’s coming to the table, but when we last spoke to all of the international DJs who are interested in being involved in our festival, they’ve all said, yep, we’d like to do it. A lot of it will just be down to availability and timing, but primarily you’re going to have the best DJs playing the best music. Hopefully we can build it into something annually for Australia.” Carl Cox

Before the launch of Pure Festival, Carl Cox will be in Sydney to speak at the Electronic Music Conference 2016, where he’ll be giving a keynote interview on his origins in dance music and what the future holds for himself – and techno. So wait and see.