Amsterdam Music Festival 2015 stage
Amsterdam Music Festival 2015 stage, Amsterdam. - Netherlands. 2015 - Credits : AMF

Amsterdam Music Festival 2016 is evolving to a 5 days & 3 venues festival

Alexandre Trochut

After offering a 2 days festival in 1 venue last year, it seems that the Amsterdam Arena was not big enough to hold everything that Aida event had to offer. So they introduced three venues total that will be home to the biggest DJs in the world for 5 days straight ! 

Here are the 3 venues & their dates for this year :

These three venues will be individually selling tickets for each event. Check our website in the next weeks to see the parties and select which parties you and your friends would rather see, and have the chance to experience some amazing DJ hosted events each night.

Each evening promises to take you deep into the world of each artist, and let you explore new music, artists, and a night to remember. There will also an opening and a closing party to celebrate this monumental occasion so don’t miss your chance to experience Amsterdam like you’ve never before !