Suara Store & Foundation headquarters, Barcelona (Spain). 2017 - Credits : Suara

Introducing… The Suara Store (& Foundation)

Alexandre Trochut
Suara Store & Foundation headquarters, Barcelona (Spain). 2017 - Credits : Suara

Faithful cats lover, the spanish Dj & producer Coyu who has founded the Suara Foundation presents the Suara Store which will open its doors in Barcelona.

Opened few days ago, the Suara Store is literally the only place in Europe where fashion, music and cats will converge, where you can buy fashion and vinyls and … adopt a cat ! Founded as a record label in 2008 Suara has become an ethical and sustainable production firm and the dream projected by the Dj and producer Iván Ramos aka Coyu, is now transformed into a laboratory of ideas with more than 185m2 located in Barcelona including the Suara Store, the Cat House & the Suara Foundation.


“It is all about music… and cats”


It is all about music… and cats” That’s how Coyu and Suara perceive the world around them, this philosophy is vital to understand those dimmensions of music and artists that often scape the spotlight. This unique concept store is a lovely space to connect humans and cats. The first bridge between the street and a future home, the organization will look for every abandoned cat, and people will have the opportunity to understand and help, and the seconds to find a new opportunity and a real family.

Suara Store: The union of three universes


The project is the result of years of effort by the creator who has managed to join his three big passions in the same space: Suara Music, one of the most recognized record labels of electronic music of the international music scene, the urban fashionable brand Suara that sells around the world and Suara Foundation, the non-profit-making organization that helps street cats of Barcelona in order to have a better life.

The first floor of Suara Store is a dynamic and multifunctional space in which Suara’s articles will be able to be bought, vinyl records of the record label and where there will be exhibitions related to the world of the art. This place will be also a meeting point for lovers of electronic music and the foundation will give informative talks with educational aims. The foundation will allow the visit of all those interested about its work, to delight and play with the gatekeepers and to learn everything about the feline universe. Because, according to Suara Foundation you can not love what is not known


A space to visit and learn


The top floor and independent to the rest of the space will be the corporate headquarters of the foundation where they will be able to visit and adopt rehabilitated cats. The foundation will have two rooms; one of them will be a room for the adaptation of the newcomer cats and another zone for those who could be adopted. The foundation is open to everybody interested to enjoy the space, with a symbolic donation it’s possible to get to know the foundation and have a delightful time in the relaxing presence of the cats or even play with them.

Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, can we help. Only if we help, they will be saved.

– Jane Goodall


The space is also conceived as a learning center where guided tours will be organized in small groups where the natural behavior and care of a cat will be explained. In addition the foundation will periodically organize activities and informative talks with experts from the sector to publicize the universe of cats. The interior design of this floor will be a faithful reflection of a house where the cats are confortable and could go familiarizing itself with his future home. The whole process of withdrawal, taken care and adjustment will be followed very closely by veterinary experts who will guard over the ideal care of the cats.

Check out an example of the work of Suara Foundation below with the story of Tiga’s Story :

As seen on the video, the Suara Foundation is not mean to be a place for cats alone, it’s dedicated to:

  1. Rescuing homeless cats from the streets or from other associations in order to give them up for adoption.
  2. Providing veterinary care for cats who need it, either under our tutelage or other association’s guardianship.
  3. Divulging the image of the cat (feral and domestic) through education and awareness in relation to their needs at different stages.
  4. Promoting responsible pet adoption, in contraposition to its purchase.
  5. Studying and publicizing the benefits of living with cats.
  6. Controlling homeless cat populations through sterilization programs (Trap-Neuter-Return), vaccination and deworming.

The Suara Foundation guarantee veterinary assistance, the best attention and an easy process of adaptation to every cat.

The foundation has the aim to gather cats off the street that need vets in order to be rehabilitated and look for an adoptive family who could grant better living conditions for them. The foundation also will have an educational task in the cat’s world realizing chats and workshops regularly with experts of the veterinary sector.

If you want to support the cause, you can buy Suara’ music on Beatport or shop at the Suara Store and online for contributing to the cause, a percentage of the benefits will be donated to Suara Foundation.

If you wanna visit them : Suara Foundation – Carrer de la Fusina, 6 CP: 08003 Barcelona