American DJ & Producer Isabelle Rezazadeh aka REZZ. 2017 - Credits : REZZ
American DJ & Producer Isabelle Rezazadeh aka REZZ. 2017 - Credits : REZZ

REZZ Mass Manipulation comic book available for pre-order

Alexandre Trochut

Created with the help of illustrator and animator Luis Colindres, REZZ Mass Manipulation comic book is now available for pre-order.

The comic book is available for pre-order now, and is accompanied with the release of an animated music video for ‘Premonition,’ giving viewers a sneak peek of the comic book storyline.


Luis Colindres and I created Mass Manipulation comic book to help tell the story of my album.  It shows REZZ arriving from Neptune to mass manipulate and hypnotize planet earth. Accompanying the comic book is an animated music video for ‘Premonition’, which features images and highlights from the comic book.




Playing a young alien from Neptune who crash lands on Earth, REZZ befriends two earthlings as they discover her incredible innate ability; hypnosis through music. The comic invites readers to step into the psychedelic world of REZZ as she embarks on a mind-bending journey to manipulate the masses and ultimately achieve her final mission, bringing peace and love to earth. Paired with a lively music video to support the Mass Manipulation comic book, both new and old fans of REZZ can now fully tune into the cult of REZZ.


REZZ Mass Manipulation comic book cover. 2017 – Credits : REZZ
REZZ has had a clear vision since day one, breathing life into the electronic music scene through her dark, hypnotic soundscapes while her audible, musical vision became visually interpreted with poise and accuracy by Chicago based illustrator Luis Colindres.  Colindres began working with REZZ on her “Something Wrong Here” EP, and has been integral in setting her visual standard by designing the ‘Mass Manipulation’ album cover, tour art, and now the comic book and “Premonition” music video that you can see below.