Dutch international DJ & producer Hardwell. 2017 - Credits : Revealed Recordings
Dutch international DJ & producer Hardwell. 2017 - Credits : Revealed Recordings

Hardwell launches “Hardwell On Air : Off The Record” radio show segment

Alexandre Trochut

Hardwell’s radio show gets ready to bring a new dynamic to the weekly offering with a brand-new hour to the show titled Hardwell On Air : Off The Record.

Broadcasted on over 115 FM stations worldwide with a weekly reach of over 50 million listeners, Hardwell On Air : Off The Record will comprising an extra hour filled with Hardwell’s own personal selection of diverse cuts outside of the shows usual realm and will provide a journey through deeper shades of house, future bass, tech house and much more!

Encompassing highlight tracks he plays whilst traveling, listening at home or chilling with friends, the second hour aims to add another unique offering to the music scene Hardwell’s most passionate about as an artist. Showcasing his diverse musical pallet, the show aims to touch a wider audience worldwide with the help of Hardwell On Air’s epic reach and millions of fans across the globe.


” I’m really excited to present a wider sound to my fans including some of the music I’ve been most passionate about over the years. I think it’s a great opportunity to give fans a reflection of my own personal private playlists and adds a new dimension to the show ! “

– Hardwell


Broadcasted on Sirius XM’s Electric Area in US and airing in China, Poland, Colombia, Indonesia with a multitude of stations to be added on the horizon, along with being part of Hardwell On Air via YouTube which has over 4 million subscribers and iTunes which has over 1 million subscribers, the show will also feature an artist for a 15-minute showcase each week, bringing more emerging talent into the “Artist Spotlight“.

Hardwell On Air : Off the record artwork. 2017. Credits : Revealed Recordings

With an already proven pedigree of showcasing the best the industry has to offer with his imprint Revealed Recordings, Off The Record looks set to be another colossal platform for bringing forward fresh material. It is guaranteed that fans will find lots of hidden gems to add to their own collection when the new component to the show launches soon!

Join Hardwell as he premiere’s his new “Hardwell On Air – Off The Record” radio show segment every Friday at 10pm CEST listen live via: https://live.djhardwell.com/