Daft Punk Alive tour logo

An encoded video revives the rumor of a Daft Punk world tour “Alive 2017”

Alexandre Trochut
Daft Punk Alive tour logo

The video rekindles the imagination of fans of the French group as to the upcoming announcement of a tour and unleashes the passions.

Posted on YouTube  through a new account under the moniker “4162016211411” last January 1st 2017, the video titled “Alive 2017” showing a futuristic setting on par with the enigmatic French duo’s live visuals before flashing the their moniker at the end begins to buzz through internet and unleashes passions between fans for whom it’s a serious announcement and those who just see another happening created by a fan.

8-digit numbers

Below the video, its description is a recurring series of seemingly random 8-digit numbers. Justin Stevens, a youTuber, broke the code & publish a list of cities & countries which includes Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Sydney and explain that the numbers “4162016211411” means“Daft Punk.”

Screenshot of Justin Stevens comment & theory. 2016 – Credits : Youtube

The expectation and excitement surrounding the announcement of a new world tour of the French duo has never been so strong, and despite the deeply creative process behind this video and the hype around the 10th anniversary since their last “Alive” touring expedition, there is no indication today that this is a real teaser from the french duo.

Alive 2017

While waiting for a confirmation that may never come, you can always watch the video below :