Dada Life
English DJ & Producer and techno legend Carl Cox. 2020 - Credits : Carl Cox

Dada Life launches ” Crash & Smile ” Imprint with Revealed Recordings

Alexandre Trochut

The launch of Dada Life’ new label titled Crash & Smile will be inaugurated with the release of their new single off the label named ” Rumble Slow “.

The Swedish duo therefore finally joins the endless list of international artists who will be able to share their musical taste through a label. Under the aegis of Revealed Recordings, former # 1 DJ MAG Top 100 Hardwell‘ label, the duo will also be able to grow and support a new generation of artists.



“ We’re super excited to start a new chapter in Dada Land with the Crash & Smile label. It’s a natural step since we’ve felt something is missing in the music space. We felt there must be more people than just us that want to crash with a smile on their face!

Big melodies & high energy are the essence of what makes us feel happy! We’ve been working a lot with Hardwell and Revealed, so to be able to do this label with them feels amazing! We can focus on finding great music, like our new release ‘Rumble Slow’, and being creative! ”

– Dada Life

Dada Life’ Crash and Smile label logo. 2021 – Credits : Revealed Recordings

This news also marks a new chapter in the duo’s career since Stefan turns solo as a DJ Set, Olle remaining in Sweden due to his fragile state of health, it will be another way for them to share big basslines tracks !